What do I write?

Well, whatever you like, really! People use Future Postbox for a whole heap of reasons. Some include:

  • As a time capsule of thoughts and feelings (let's face it, it's always hilarious / tragic to look back upon past you)
  • As a way of tracking goals (ie; seeing all the good intentions you planned but spectacularlly failed to achieve)
  • As a way of leaving a message for someone else (Ok, here's a personal example from the Postman: He's sent letters to ex-partners in order to say things that didn't feel quite right to say at the time)

There are lots of other reasons, too, but the postman doesn't want to stifle your creativity. If you're really desperate for more inspiration, check out the read page to see what other people have written.

How often can I write a letter?

As often as you like! Some people use Future Postbox as their own personal diary and write a letter per day!

What happens after I've written my letter?

Once you click "Send my letter to the future", your letter is stored our database for 12 months, before being emailed to the recipient you nominated.

Note: If you've selected "The letter can be public", it is then available on the read page for anyone to see. If you've selected "The letter should be kept secret", then it will only ever be seen by the person you send it to. If you've made your letter public, but later change your mind, send us an email via the details below and we'll remove it from the site.

What if I change my email address?

The postman receives loads of letters everyday, so we can only send your letter to the original email address you submitted. So, make sure you choose an address that will still be the same next year!

What do you do with my personal details?

Very little. We only ever use your personal details in order to get your letter to you, or for the very occasional Future Postbox newsletter. Your details will never be shared with any third parties. Never.

What else should I know?

Future Postbox is a place of love and good vibes - so we are certainly against any form of cyber bullying or trolling. Therefore, if you choose to write a letter to someone else, the letter may be screened. If it contains overtly abusive or threatening language, we reserve the right to not send your letter.

Luckily we haven't had to do this yet, but in extreme cases, we also reserve the right to pass on your letter and contact details to the relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

Who will deliver the letter?

Your letter will be sent from If you have a particularly strict email provider, you might want to add this address to your safe list to make sure your letter doesn't get sent to your spambox.

What's your business model?

This website is a side-hobby. There's no real business case or expectation of profit. However, there is a lot of work that goes into the site, and all letters are sent manually (yeah, unfortunately the postman still hasn't worked out a way to automate the process). Therefore, if you'd like to make a small donation via PayPal, that would make the Postman very happy.

I have more questions!

No worries! Send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.