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Hi raj how are u today at 6.33 shubham mother and your mother is talking with each other the was 9 feb tuesday. That why u can't do the gym.

· Written by Raj

Hey Future Pete,

As I write this, it’s a day before your 41st birthday. This time a year ago (two years for you) I was in relationship limbo, living in a one bedroom apartment in Toowong and unemployed with lots of confidence I’d land a 6 figure job.

In those 12 months, I did not land any of the jobs I expected. Con moved into the apartment and after awkwardly sharing a tiny space, we then we moved into our house in Paddington, only to have to move on 6 months later.

While I didn’t land any big ticket paid roles. I did volunteer with Sortal, met some awesome people at CrowdRound, mentored some prisoners and just in the last few weeks started getting paid for some of the Sortal stuff, been offered to be a co-founder of MySortal and am doing paid work for iMaven as they prepare to launch.

In terms of relationships, I went from an unhealthy co-dependent limbo with Em (who I haven’t communicated with in over 6 months... at the time of writing this email), to a loving and beautiful relationship with B. While my poor drunken behavior and promiscuity triggered a lot of challenges, we’ve navigated our way through them and I’m happier for it.

If you had of asked me 12 months ago where I’d be now (or in your case, then), I never would have expected any of those things to have happened.

Now as I get ready to move into a new place at Red Hill, I have no idea what the future will bring.

I hope that you have sorted out your financial situation. While it was exciting to live small for such a long time, you’re worth so much more than that! I hope you’re doing work that is fulfilling. I hope you finally have some savings and have had (or planning) a holiday. Did you get to Tassie?

I hope that you settle in to your new place and get to deck it out with you’re awesome retro funky fun happy decor ideas. Lots of plants. Colourful rugs, danish looking furniture, comic book artworks. You deserve a place that reflects who you are and brings you joy!

At the start of 2020, you decided to meditate, read and move regularly. I hope by now, you’ve smashed through a dozen books, have a meditation track record of a year and are healthy and in good a shape.

Another thing you’ve talked a lot about but haven’t done much of is cook. I hope you’re making yourself tasty healthy food, taking care of your mental health, have big goals and dreams for the year ahead and are loving life.

While I can’t even imagine what you’re going to do for your 42nd birthday, make sure you spend it with friends.

And lastly, review what’s happened the last 12 months and write to your future self as this has been fun!

Past Pete

P.s. hope you are still as funny as you were. Don’t forget you kept saying you’d like to do comedy again :)

· Written by Past Pete

Hi Teya this year in year 10 I would like to achieve my goals which are; getting good grades in all my subjects, building new friendships and to not fight with friends. I hope to achieve all of these and get A’s and B’s in my main subjects and also my electives. I hope no fights happen with my friends as it will be a hard year.

· Written by Teya

Hey future me it’s
I’m still saving up for inter schools so far I have up to $796 and I got a new float and it’s a greeny blue I hope we get it because we are still not sure, how is Johanna now is she good I hope so also how’s Brutus.
My 2020 goals are:
- to get up to $10,000 so I can go to -inter school’s
- to qualify kayno
- to get straight As in school

· Written by Taylor Quill

I hope your not dead 😂
So have you got a new phone, did you get a camera 😍😋😍 did you get them A's
PS your a dick head
Love you from the past...this is very confusing lol
Love Johanna
PS study for school do well make sure that cooking Is one of your electives and I hope you figured out what subjects will help you become a lawyer jk you too stupid for that hahahs also get a life.

· Written by Johanna

Hey Chloe, it’s been a year now. What have we accomplished? I really hope that you see the beautiful girl I know I think I am deep down, have we gotten into the police academy? Have I gotten my driver’s license? Do we still have our dogs and the beautiful people surrounded around you who love and support you. What’s been happening, do you have a boyfriend? Do you still work at Kmart? Do you still go to oloughlin? Are your friends still erini peta and evanthia? How’s mental health going? I hope your are improving and becoming a better person then who you were yesterday. Stay strong and safe xxx

· Written by Chloe

You better do well in school this year, your family is very disappointed in you these past years, don’t be a downie xx 💗

· Written by Mary

Izaak, I don’t know what to say, but I guess can you get an a in at least 1 subject or maybe 2, and choose a good team when we move

· Written by Izaak

Dear tyla
Let’s hope your report card is decent and you don’t get in trouble this year laters frick

· Written by Tyla

I wanna pass with all A

· Written by Corey Noll

Dear 2015-version of myself,

A year ago today, I penned this letter to you in the hope that by the time you read it, twelve months later, you would have made the following changes to your trainwreck of a life:

1. Pad Thai, while undeniably delicious, should not be eaten thrice a week. Taking pity on the restaurant owners who each night stick their heads out from the kitchen wishing that, for once, the tables would be full of hungry customers is sweet but by no means a justification for this unhealthy addiction of yours. Cook your own damn food!

2. Remember when you awoke in your college dormitary to find nothing in the fridge but half a tub of margarine and a clove of garlic with which to somehow construct a meal? That was cute in 2007 but almost a decade later, and five years into a successful career, you really should leave yourself with more to eat before pissing away your last twenty bucks at McDonalds at 2AM after a night out on the town.

3. You're also far too old to experience the crushing anxiety that comes with handing over a key card to a salesperson and wondering if there will be enough money in your account to buy new shoes after the soles fell out of your favourite pair days earlier. The last time this happened the payment was in fact declined. You fumbled while slipping your key card back into your wallet and dropped the lot on the floor. As you scrambled to pick everything up, you muttered something about having to rush off to the bank, and fled the store red-faced with your tail between your legs. Learn to budget already, dude!

4. After finally stepping out of the closet in 2011, it seemed the world was your oyster. You played the field and turned down umpteen promising contenders for your heart, citing reasons as trivial as "I hate their taste in music". You assumed there was no shortage of time in which to find a partner and that you could afford to be fussy. However, as you lie awake at night, your face illuminated by the bright yellow colour schme of the gay hook-up app Grindr, you will discover the old adage "there's plenty of fish in the sea" is in fact bullshit. You really should have grabbed onto the first guy who took an interest in you, before mounting horses, and galloping off into the sunset together. Life lesson: you're not perfect and your partner won't be either.

5. There's nothing like a merciless round of redundancies to shock you out of your complaceny at work. You might be safely out of the firing line now - being young and cheap to hire - but there will come a time when, after many decades of unwavering loyalty to the corporation, your services are no longer required. Don't expect to find satisfaction only in work. When all is said and done, it is your family and friends who will be standing by your side. Invest as much in them, if not more, than you do in your career.

6. Go to the gym more, sign up to a yoga classes, and do a juice cleanse, yada, yada, yada. Gotta go demolish some Pad Thai.


2016 myself.

· Written by David Lewis

Ta tag i studierna, plugga ordentligt och slarva inte som du gjort förut, skapa ett hållbart förhållande med någon som passar dig.

· Written by Johan Svensson

Hey there future Riley, Hopefully you look back on this one day and remember how good times were and soon to be.

· Written by Riley Andrews

So i am certain you will forget about this in 12 months time, but I am writing you a letter from 12 months ago. As I know you are aware, we often think about what we would say to our younger selves. And, to be honest, we really really wonder what we would feel when talking to our younger selves. Alas, this isn't possible. At least not as of now. interestingly enough we never thought about talking to our future selves. What would we say? what knowledge could I give you to enrich your life? What could I tell you in the future that would make the current me feel more fulfilled? I think the best thing to do is start with the week I had.

Last Saturday Meredith graduated college, Jessica got a certification and mom had both a birthday and a mothers day. It was quite the weekend. Dad had a mini stroke or mini seizure. I was not there, but i was on route to the house. Donna, as always, called me to let me know the news. Its amazing how in the mix of the awfulness that she remembered me and how I would feel if I showed up to the house and the ambulance was there.

As we both know, he was fine. I do not know if he will be alive in twelve months time, and writing that hurts a little. And I know it will hurt to read, and I'm sorry, but perhaps the single greatest thing I can give you is insight into how I am thinking. Dad is tough. I hope this was a fluke and not the start of something worse. I didn't see him in his off state, but I saw a man in denial as he tried not to go to the hospital. of course, reason will always prevail with him, and after the mandatory dinner of tacos he insisted on, he went to get checked out.

Gina and I are fighting. And right before I typed this sentence was the first time she has texted me back in 24 hrs. If there is a god, and he does in fact interfere with our everyday lives, then this was a clear indicator not to write an angry letter, but to share the nice things I feel. Things like how after today I can tell what my life would be like on a daily basis without Gina, and how I want no part of said life.

All in all, I could tell you about my life, and You could judge my grammar (but I hope you won't because grammar should not be the focus of a talk with an old friend), but I don't know if I would tell you anything you don't already know.

So maybe I'll ask you some questions that I hope you have a good answer to.

are you proud of yourself?

did you go for something new that you wanted? really try for it? were you willing to do new things for it? did you follow the quote, even though its not easy?

are you happy?

I'll answer for the now. I am proud. Every mistake and dent in the car wares on my heart, but dammit I am here because of me. I made choices that got me here. pulled myself back from the antisocial brink. I leaped without knowing where I would land. I took extra courses that ultimately got me my first job.

And I am happy. A lot is happening right now. I worry about the grandparents. I worry about dad, and I worry that the constant fighting between Gina and I means that maybe things will never work out....but I have hope. I have hope that all of these things will work out.

I know I cannot capture who I am as of this day in a small letter, after all I am not the person I am today, I am the collection of who I have been everyday of my life. I hope you aren't disappointed in me or this letter. And I hope you haven't changed too much, because I love you. And I do not say that enough.

· Written by Michael A Tassitino

Keep on trying to reach your dreams. And also stop being a lazy bum and get a job!

· Written by Caleb roberts

Hello, hello, hello :)
Hopefully, even when you're done with everything, you still check your email enough to see this.
At the time of my writing this you're taking your last final of your third year. Yes, the SoMee one year younger than you right now is filling out little multiple choice boxes on a scantron. Maybe finishing early! Jia yo, SoMee.
So there can be many reasons for my writing this right now. The previous letter was expected, and therefore less fun. In March I don't feel I had the perspective towards this year that I think I do now. I don't know. To be honest, I didn't save the letter I wrote to you last time, and I don't even know what I'm following up. But oh well.
I don't have much to say, either. I just love the idea of Future Postbox. It's so so so cool.
Yeah actually this won't be very deep or anything. Just wanted you to know that 365 days ago you wrote your last final.
I hope you're done your finals right now! If not, study well and good luck!
Best of luck. Keep in touch. You are really cool. Steven likes you very much. You're inspiring and amazing to him and and and. I don't know. I like you a lot, though.
^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

· Written by Steven Hu


· Written by Mohammed

congrats on still being alive, if you're reading this. because at this point you weren't quite sure that you'd make it. i've got faith in ya though; hang in there!~~

· Written by aishah cholmondeley

Dear A - I write to you to let you know, no matter what, you're a star. Just the way you are. I hope that since I've written this, you've continued to walk along your Buddhist path of letting go, not worrying so much, and being at peace with yourself. I'm certain you would have. I hope also, that you have stopped looking for a partner, and no matter where you find yourself, realised that you're enough - just as you are. Allow people to see you, relax into it (I know it's hard), and give them space to love you for who you are. Trust them a little. But, if they don't, know you are enough, and let go. Focus back on the good work you do, and on the good people you fill your life with. The world will provide all you need. I look forward to hearing about it. Love, from New York, where it is snowing outside an apartment filled with tropical fish.

· Written by Ags

helo, im in stumbleupon ,
im from indonesia work at Stevia indonesia Corp.

· Written by rachmat t putranto

Dear me,

This time round you are a month late in responding to yourself, now that is saying something about us prioritizing ourselves! However, recalling our reaction when we received this letter, it was as previously "a shock", but a welcomed one. So, back then we were eagerly "chomping" on our toast before heading to Vans Warped Tour. Today is very different but some familiar experiences are coming up. That being in a few days you will be seeing the Foo Fighters and Rise Against with Dad, Tyson and Chelsea then on the weekend is Soundwave! Guess who is playing, New Found Glory (again), Tonight Alive (again) and so so many more! KEEN AS MUSTARD!

So, those changes hey? Well remember that degree you went on about in your last two letters? That is done and dusted! Welcome to the life of being a qualified Social Worker baby! That was completed in December 2014, finished with second division honors class b, which I still don't get but you did above average! So what, you finished your degree, right? WRONG! You also got a job out of your last placement at headspace. Recall being at the QLD Youth Forum in 2011, 'No Access Makes Me Mental', that place they were talking about, you work for as the Intake worker and a Case Coordinator. Those days of slumming it at Outback Jacks or any hospitality joint is behind you! PS Outback Jacks was a laugh, but instead of judging those you worked with, the real lesson was that it was not the job for you. Now this job comes with it's challenges, at the start of the year it did seem all roses and sunshine until some major changes came but it happened so there is no point dwelling on what could have been. You are being challenged to develop the skills and knowledge you need to go wherever it will be in a year, or whenever. You will concur the clinical world.

Love? Last year you asked a boy out, *giggles*, you were most respectfully rejected and 'friend zoned'. The disappointing thing is that you have let that impact you more than you should have. Since then you have slowly crept out of the hole and put the social wings back on, as a result the hastag #dannibangs may have caught on with some friends that are very welcoming and understanding to the wicked ways of my mind. But yes, you did start the year off with a bang and have trialled out the online dating (again) and well it has been interesting to say the least. One in particular is a a guy from Sydney, who you've opened up to more than you have to anyone previously. Whether it's the distance that makes me feel more comfortable, that I feel heard or that your ready to open up to someone and move past, the past.

The rains are out in force and the football club has flooded again but you are happy. You still try to carry the weight of the world on your shoulder and please everyone but slowly your doing things for yourself and experimenting more with life! You are questioning our mental health lately but I believe it is adapting to vast changes we are going through. It is ok to be nervous but dammit we deserve to live on!

PS You should have your license by the time you read this!

Love yourself! x

· Written by Dannielle Brown


· Written by Logan Anderson

hi dude grow up and move on don't put yourself and always be thankful to god

· Written by Mohamed jegham


· Written by ffgdfg

Dear Chuck,

You are now a year away from the pain and hell that was the nightmare of losing your children. Hug them tight today. Stop whatever you are doing and do what they want. Play with them. Be with them. Never forget what it was like to be on the porch only a mile away and to be denied their smiles and laughter and presence.

Be at peace. You were peaceful today.



· Written by Chuck Huber

Well, here we are again.
(you totally just read that in Buck 65's voice, right?)

Forgive me.

So how'd it go? Did you you finish your book? How's Jessica? Still with her? How'd you do with Robyn?

I hope you can remember the struggle you were having when you wrote this. I hope you can remember counting down the minutes until you had to go to sleep and dreading waking up in the morning to have to cook at that shitty restaurant in Elkwater. I hope you remember missing Jessica and Robyn so much that it hurt sometimes, and I hope you can forgive yourself for the traps you set yourself in that respect. I hope you can remember all of this so that in 2016 when you get this letter to yourself you can put into perspective what's occurred over the 365 days between the sending and receiving of it, and meditate on what you need to do to ensure this struggle doesn't happen again.

Because despite what we both believe, you really are a fantastic person. You really do have the talent and passion to make it in whatever field you choose. You can change the world; you do have the power. You just need to find it.
Get on the bus and write poetry. Make music. Travel. Take riding lessons like you had always planned to. Go back to school. Do something for yourself and make the next year count for something. Allen Hood can not take looking back at another cycle thinking it was a waste of his time. He doesn't deserve that. I don't think anyone does.

And listen to Nick more. He loves you and wants you to be happy. All of the good things you've just told yourself are basically from him.

Best of luck, and I hope 2015 has been good for you.

· Written by Allen Hood

Hello Future Courtney,

It is past Courtney. I just want to tell you that you have been incredibly strong this year. You have achieved so much in a year that has been full of hardship.

Don't let the pressure get to you and you know you can do anything when you put your mind to it. There is no rush to make your life decisions now, you have plenty of time!
Continue to save, and my best advice would be GET A JOB so you can travel the world and visit everybody that you met whilst you were in Russia!!! Make new memories and experience new things. New Zealand is just over the ditch! Save and go visit those homeslices first then go to Europe and get the Canadians to come visit you and Em's there. Maybe you could even volunteer overseas? You know how much you loved working as a part of World Vision.

Make the most out of everyday and take your time, enjoy the small things.
Stay dedicated and keep your values. Don't change for anybody or any situation. Be yourself because you are amazing!

Love you lots!
Courts xx

· Written by Courtney Trost

i love unicorns...

· Written by You

Hey i thin that in one month i should have been really in advacned stage for iSOS and TeezrOtherwise i just need to stop because i'm good at nothing except talking and prototyping .

· Written by Oty

Dear Leo,

It was like a dream when you walked into my life. I've never been this happy

· Written by Ketaki P

Hey, Liamy-Poo <3
You're now upstairs playing Mass Effect after cooking me an amazing caserole,om nom nom!
This little letter is to tell you that I love you more than anything in this world, you are my whole life and I cannot wait to see where we are next year when you open this. <3
Hopefully, you'll still be my babycakes <3 :)
Now, I must go upstairs and interrupt your game with some sexy smooches (the ones you love so much) :P
To the furthest star, always....
Love Caitlin <3

· Written by Caitlin Fitzmaurice

Dear Maha,
So it's been a year since I've wrote this and now you're reading it. You've really helped me out the past few weeks before we had reading week and I want you to know that I'll always appreciate it and I hope we've become life long friends. You're such a laugh to be around and you know just how to raise my spirits. Horizons may have been the best decision I've made in my life so far because it not only taught me how to be more open and not be afraid to approach people, but it led me to you and I'm so happy about it. You're such great friend and know I'm always here for you.
Much love,

· Written by Samantha Ostapchuk

Dear Ski,

I hope that when you read this letter you are a better you. I hope that all your dreams are fulfilled- that you finished your degree and got as close to upper seconds honours as you could, that you made peace with your past and forgave yourself for your mistakes in general and with men especially, that you became the Christian that you wanted to be and that you discovered your dream job.

You have been so hard on yourself and I hope that now you have discovered what it truly means to love yourself. You can do it! You are so strong and you deserve to be happy. Achieve your dreams.

Love always,

· Written by Ski Greenidge

Things I love about you....
1. your smile
2. your laugh
3. your positive
4. your flamboyant red hair
5. your love
6. your looks
7. your amazing personality
8. your intelligence

Things you accomplished....
1. You graduated
2. you have a car
3. you have a good job
4. you have awesome friends
5. you have a great family

· Written by Malissa

Hey you,
Fingers crossed you've passed your first year (which we all know you will) as you would have revised for your exams (start it now!!!!).
I'm just sitting in the kitchen of Mason and trying to imagine what life will be like in a years time, I've got some expectations which I am sure you will remember and I have that you have achieved them or are on your way to achieving them.
I really hope that you continue to get better with your depression (I know it's tough I've been there) but just remember it is a feeling at it will pass. Just keep in mind the good things in life like your friends and family.
Just work hard and you shall be rewarded!
Remember life is short so make it worthwhile!

Yours always,
Bethany x

· Written by Bethany Kitchener

ı love myself

· Written by gamze kopal

Dear self.

I have found this website on stumleupon and thought it would be fun :)
i don't know what will be going on with you right now but here on the 28th of February 2014, i was meant to start my dreaded homework about an hour and a half ago but oh well, my laptop consumes my time. I'm going to see Ellie Goulding live in the o2 with Anna tomorrow which fills me with excitement!

Things are quite tight money-wise right now, I wonder will much have changed when you're reading this, will things be better, who knows? School drains me so much and it's only fifth year, dear god i dread to think how you're dealing with sixth year work in your time! Thinking of the future scares me a lot, does that still happen to you? The thoughts of college and careers creep into my thoughts and leave me full of worry. Maybe this will alleviate and I will be slightly more confident in my life choices, hopefully. I hate feeling unprepared.

I'm beginning to ramble so I will try to keep this short with some last minute advice ( how cringey ). Keep Megan close, she may seem like she's got things organised, you need to talk to her and let her pour her feelings out, she will be reluctant at first but let her know you're there. Secondly, believe in yourself full stop. Thirdly, never forget to show mam and dad how much you appreciate them, help them round the house, look after them the way they have looked after you and meg. And lastly, enjoy everyday, find something good and cling onto it, okay? :)

Have fun little future friend
Past you lol xo

· Written by Amy Johnston

Dear future me,

It's February 28th February and I'm sat in my University dorm room after just letting Ben Percival in (I'm hoping you're still friends with him, he's a nice guy). You've just gone through your first heartbreak and I'm hoping you've moved on from that now because it's been a year and you should.

If you have, then I'm pleased because it means you're living your life; as you should be. If you haven't, then that's okay too. Heartbreak takes a while and it's okay to love and still love. There's nothing you can do about that, it just means it will take a bit longer than we anticipated. I hope you're still friends with him and everyone from Cefn y Coed though because they're decent people and it would be a shame. Maybe you need more time than you originally thought.

You should be reading this in your new flat with Llinos, Sarah, Emma and Amanda. The one above the Launderette? If you've ever had a tiff or got annoyed with any of them, remind yourself of why you chose to move in with them. You could have decided you didn't want to with any and you did for a reason - because you love them.

Show them the love. Show everyone love. Show the street you walk on love and let it fill you up so it almost hurts. (Love shouldn't hurt, which is why I say almost). Buy a meal for the homeless person sitting outside Morrison's or give someone a 'you are beautiful' sticker to make their day bright. Try and do something every day because that will make you better.

And if you're depression has returned, that's okay. I'm here for you - I always have and I always will be. Just like every person that's in your life. It's okay to keep battling, because it means you're a warrior. It means you can save you have battle scars and that you were victorious. If anyone judges you for them, it's down to them not understanding. It's not because you're a horrible person - and I hope you've accepted that by now - it's because you're you and you've battled a different war.

Keep fighting and loving and you'll be okay. You might not be great, but it's a place to start so you can be. Healing takes time. Have patience. Breathe.


· Written by Rebeka Adcock

Dear Samantha,
This week has been so wonderful; you just just got an ally position with SAS, an 86 on a presentation you did while having a fever, got a 90 on your article summery, and sure why not you actually have a date tonight cause a friend just asked you out yesterday. I know the past few weeks have been a little rocky but you've gotten through it, mainly with the help of your CMST prof, Maha, and Tea. Make sure to always keep them in mind and read your warm fuzzes if you're ever down, I know that helped me out not long ago. People love seeing you smile and talk about the things that make you happy, so many people have told you how joyful you are and open to talk to and non judgemental; keep that. Sure I might not even believe it at the moment, but I'm sure trying. So hopefully by now you have and things are still going splendidly. You know you've got those exams in the bag in a month or so!
Much love,

· Written by Samantha Ostapchuk

Dear future me,

It's February 28th February and I'm sat in my University dorm room after just letting Ben Percival in (I'm hoping you're still friends with him, he's a nice guy). You've just gone through your first heartbreak and I'm hoping you've moved on from that now because it's been a year and you should.

If you have, then I'm pleased because it means you're living your life; as you should be. If you haven't, then that's okay too. Heartbreak takes a while and it's okay to love and still love. There's nothing you can do about that, it just means it will take a bit longer than we anticipated. I hope you're still friends with him and everyone from Cefn y Coed though because they're decent people and it would be a shame. Maybe you need more time than you originally thought.

You should be reading this in your new flat with Llinos, Sarah, Emma and Amanda. The one above the Launderette? If you've ever had a tiff or got annoyed with any of them, remind yourself of why you chose to move in with them. You could have decided you didn't want to with any and you did for a reason - because you love them.

Show them the love. Show everyone love. Show the street you walk on love and let it fill you up so it almost hurts. (Love shouldn't hurt, which is why I say almost). Buy a meal for the homeless person sitting outside Morrison's or give someone a 'you are beautiful' sticker to make their day bright. Try and do something every day because that will make you better.

And if you're depression has returned, that's okay. I'm here for you - I always have and I always will be. Just like every person that's in your life. It's okay to keep battling, because it means you're a warrior. It means you can save you have battle scars and that you were victorious. If anyone judges you for them, it's down to them not understanding. It's not because you're a horrible person - and I hope you've accepted that by now - it's because you're you and you've battled a different war.

Keep fighting and loving and you'll be okay. You might not be great, but it's a place to start so you can be. Healing takes time. Have patience. Breathe.


· Written by Rebeka Adcock

Hei rakas,

tuli tässä netissä huomattua tällainen "kirjota tulevaisuuteen"-juttu. Halusin vaan sanoa että oon sun kanssa todella onnellinen. Tiedän, että myös vuoden päästä kun tän kirjeen saat, oon edelleen sun kanssa onnellinen. Haluan kasvaa sun kanssa vanhaksi asti, nähdä meidän yhteisten lasten kasvavan ja lastenlastenkin.

Sun kanssa on niin helppo olla. Ja sä oot aina mun tukena. Ja mä sun. Teen kaikkeni että olisit maailman onnellisin mies. Koska sä teet musta maailman onnellisimman naisen. Rakastan sua nyt ja aina.

· Written by Saara Nurmela

Dear sister

I wrote this a year ago through some website called 'futurepostbox' - it e-mails/posts a letter you write in a year. So I thought I'd try it and you were one of the people I wanted to write one to. I'm sat in my Uni dorm room on Friday 28th February half an hour before I go to give blood...

Remember when we used to play granny's and motorbikes when we tried to hide from Mom instead of going to bed? They didn't like that suggestion when I made it here for a drinking game (something about it being too silly); that's us though. If I were to use a word to describe us, it would be 'silly'. There'd be a bunch of other words in there too but that's the main one I think.

Part of me wishes we could go back to that time when we didn't care about anything and it was just us two making medicines in the back garden; taping our faces together until it was red; decorating Mom's hair with an infinite amount of bobbles.

But a part of me doesn't. We've had to grow up so much so quickly that I sometimes forget about those moments. And I reckon you forget them too sometimes; and we should both remember them. But the reason I say I don't want to go back to those moments is because we've learnt so much that it's made us better people.

True, we have things we wish we could change. But doesn't everyone? Ours are just not always visible. You are a strong, independent woman (cliché much?) and I admire you for your bravery; honesty; loyalty.

I hope a year from writing this you've found something you love to do and are making something out of it. A job; college course; apprenticeship; university - they would be amazing if you'd accomplished even one of them. But so is talking to a stranger you wouldn't want to. Or answering the phone. I would be proud of you if you'd managed any of them - even getting out the door every day. I'd say prouder, but I can't be because I already am the most I can be.

If people ask me about my family, the first person I'd think of is "I have a sister and she's amazing".

It's okay to not always be okay. It's something being at Uni has taught me. It's how we deal with it. I've had to face fears and dark thoughts a lot more than I thought I would, albeit sometimes it's got the better of me, but I've discovered I was stronger than I thought I was.

I am proud to say you're my sister. I am in awe of who you are and I love you no matter what.


· Written by Rebeka Adcock

"What did you ever do to change the world?"
Well, you're in it. So keep smiling and never doubt the impact that you have.
So, one year from now...2013 will be over and 2014 will have already offered up so much.
You will have been to Africa, a life-changing experience. Take a moment to reflect on the joy it brought you...now that I know you are smiling: hold that facial position.
Never forget to love life. Make sure that every day you are taking time out for yourself.
Remember to smile :)
Balance in life is critical, but don't try too hard to make it happen. You know you worry too much about the future. But I bet you're reading this now and realizing that the future really isn't so bad.
Now, I could talk about specific goals that I hope you've achieved by now; but I know that you will have gone above and beyond.
You will be achieving heights that I, 2013 us, could not even imagine exist.
Never stop dreaming. Dreams really do come true.
However, remember that nothing happens by chance. To make these dreams happen, hold them close to your heart and pursue-you won't get anything if you just sit around waiting for them knock.
Do things that scare you, step outside of your comfort zone whenever you get the chance-it's never gone wrong before.
Take a minute to stop and appreciate those people around you. They make you who you are, they make you strong and they love you.
Remember to change the world a little bit every day. From a simple smile to a large-scale event, never doubt the impact you make in this place.
You want to be happy, so be it. Live it. Live and love life.
You are amazing.
Love, Jess
September, 2013

· Written by Jess Schofield

Hello future me,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I feel like I have come a long way, but at the same I time, it feels like my journey has only just begun.

If over the next month you continue to show self discipline and courage you will be a much stronger and more fulfilled person.

I am proud of you, and I'm sure you will make prouder still. When you read this letter, take the opportunity to congratulate yourself. Over the last 16 years, you have faced a lot of adversity and setbacks that few have confronted and recovered from.

All things considered, although you have lost a lot of time to mental illness, you have matured in a way that leaves the rest of your adult life as an opportunity.

For so long it has felt like you were hitting the snooze button on the alarm that is your life. Now you are finally wide awake, and you find yourself on a crisp spring morning, with the whole day in front of you.

Farewell, friend.

· Written by Duncan C

Brate, nikada nemoj da odustaneš od svog sna.. :D

To je san o velikoj i moćnoj Srbiji, ne geografski - već ekonomski i po obrazovanju, Srbiji koja pokreće promene u svetu i koja je nosilac slobodarskog duha.

Srbija koja se menja svakodnevno na bolje.

To je san u kome ljudi veruju u ljude, veruju u to da ljudi mogu da se promene, mogu da odluče da budu pozitivni i da poštuju druge ljude, njihove izbore - koji ponovo ne narušavaju tuđe slobode.

To je san u kome bogati ne tlače siromašne, već zajedno sa njima obeduju. U kome ne postojo povlašćeni, niti potlačeni. To je san velike Srbije

· Written by Aleksandar

old school

· Written by Leesome

Kate my love

Hope this pre valentine season isn't getting you down, you always want to smash relationships in early feb!

The strength that you need is where you give it out so slow down and nourish yourself.

If your enroute to Mexico make sure you have planned a few side trips before you go. You can't think or plan in hot climates....

Love you
Be strong, but not hard!

· Written by Kate

Dear Allen,

I love you.

Your Jessi (of the past) <3

· Written by Jessi McKay

Hey Jordan.

This is the third attempt at this letter. I feel like I know you better than yourself, so what can I possibly write that would surprise you?

Just remember: The Golden rule. Do to others as you would have others do to you. People' s feelings do exist, and they matter. Work hard and be sincere. Have the fortitude not to be distracted by menial things. Keep your eyes locked on the goal. And call your family more often.

Congratulations for coming this far, by the way. I know you can do better though. Those nights where you absolutely destroy an assignment and sleep 20 hours the next day, they feel pretty good, right? You can do that more often with lots of time to spare before the deadline. You just need to want it.

I hope you're successful in finding that burning passion for your work. And I hope you're successful in maintaining long term friendships. They matter most, because one day, I might not be here to pick you up by your boot straps.


- J

· Written by Jordan Beeston

Dear self,
Might ramble a bit here, so bear with me. One, don't be too hard on yourself. Shit goes wrong, just breathe and try to figure it out. Two, I hope someone comes along that has made you really happy. It sucks being alone, and you deserve someone that is willing to put up with your shit and love you just as much as you love them. Three, has the Broadway addiction shown any sign of slowing down? As of now you've seen Book of Mormon six times, going to see it again this sunday 12/30/12, plus you saw Peter

· Written by Jenna Glass

Guten Morgen Future Leesome!

Ok - well here goes! After 12 months of running this site, it's about time that you took a dose of your own medicine and actually wrote to yourself!

It's an early Monday morning here in Hamburg - you've just sat down at your favourite haunt "Lieblingsplatz" in HafenCity. The coffee is yet to kick in, so please ignore any spelling or grammatical errors...

There is now three weeks left here in Germany before before you fly out to Iceland for some northern light shenanigans with Shayne.

To keep this short, here are some major events of points of note at the moment:
- Nan died just a few weeks ago. Being so far away from home you often don't remember to think about her, which just makes you feel even worse. Make sure you miss her every day - she was a special little lady. And make sure you never, ever lose grandad's ring!
- You're currently having a bit of a crisis over what to do work wise when you get back to Australia. You desperately don't want to go back to QUT. Ideally you'll be working full time for STFU and actually be getting some credit for the work
- It was only a few weeks ago that you finally "let your hair down" and started "exploring". It has been awesome / horrible / eye opening and new. Why did it take you this long? And more importantly, what are going to do about it now? Hmm...?
- Tam's about to start IVF in a few days
- Shayne just broke up with Kev. Nothing too surprising, but she's just started dating some Irish guy - we've been calling him potato. She thinks she's in love... Oh dear...
- Obviously you're in Germany! Don't forget how awesome it's been. Even if living with 16 people 24 hours a day has worn you down at times, please remember how much of an amazing experience it has been. Also Ritter Sport.
- Adam and Cara are having "squidge" in less than two months. How terrifying! But hopefully you'll get to be a ninja-dad!

Future Lee, here are some things that past Lee wanted by November 2013:
- Be awesome at German!
- Be almost ready to leave for Germany - or somewhere else in the world
- Have your own one bedroom apartment in the city / valley (this may not happen if you're saving for Germany...)
- Have cut down the number of jobs...
- Oh, you should have also completed your dream plan by now! It better have been freaking awesome!
- Please be in a relationship. You're getting too damn old to still be single. Yes, you like being single and not needing to be needed - but suck it up tacker. You've got to grow up one day!
- Hopefully be looking good - please have somehow found a way to enjoy the gym and to go regularly. Maybe Rick has helped you with this?
- God these are such banal requests... But perhaps that's what you need - some stability.
- Oh, and hopefully you've made more of an effort at Guthrie Street to do stuff! Stop working quite so much (or don't, whatever) but at least be social. Go to the night markets, go for a beer, have people over more often! Be less lame, you antisocial workaholic....

Hmmm.. there's probably lots you should be saying to yourself at this point, but it's quarter to 9 and you have to get to the academy...

I hope the last 12 months has been awesome - full of ups and downs and twists and turns. If you had written to yourself 12 months ago you wouldn't have thought that you'd be in Germany, so enjoy the ride!

Be cool, man :)
Past Leesome

· Written by Lee Crockford

Dear sister,

I know that I already told you that but I want to say it again and again... I love you so much, thank you for being part of my life, thank you for being there for me all the time. May be you don't realize how much I need you in my life.

I wish you all the best in your life, I wish I could be a better person for you. You're already a star, keep on shining !


· Written by Aroua Gharbi

Reda c'est le bac chose synonyme de TRAVAILLE TRAVAILLE et TRAVAILLE. De toute façon t'aura pas trop le choix si tu veux aller en France!
Sinon n'oublie pas tes résolutions, personne ne t'influence, personne ne te dépasse! T'es maître de toit même mon grand.
Sur ce je te souhaite bon courage, là moi je profite de ma liberté

Reda de 2012

· Written by Merida Reda

Hi Nikki! :-) Haha writing this now, taking a break from worrying about the workshop we're marketing. Thank you so much for being one of our saving graces and for doing your best to pursue our endeavor! :D Sorry for the times, I've just been afraid, or busy or frustrated balancing everything. I bet a year from now (when you read this! :P) We're on to a new adventure with Teachables and earning our (cross fingers**) first million! Or atleast on the way to doing sooo! :) I'm really glad we stuck it out - even if it's been tricky at times. I love you and our team! Let's celebrate our success and party!!! :P

· Written by Raquel Buen Cabrieto

was auch immer in einem Jahr sein wird, Du sollst wissen, dass ich jetzt und in den letzten Monaten sehr sehr gluecklich mit Dir bin und diese Zeit nie missen moechte!

Ich liebe Dich.


· Written by Romy Kraemer

Un año más. Agosto de 2013.

Piensa en todo lo que has hecho en los últimos 12 meses.

Y ahora piensa en todo lo que querías hacer en breve y aún NO has hecho en estos últimos 12 meses.

Hablar con tus hijos? con tu mujer? salir a cenar? hacer deporte? leer un libro? aprender algo?

Aprovecha tu tiempo. Un año pasa volando, como puedes comprobar, y sólo tienes una vida!

· Written by Santi Gutiérrez


· Written by laura

Dear Emalea,
I thought this would be a good idea so you can have a little look into your past... Right now you are a selfish girl who loves two guys, Jaxon Bellotti, and Jamin Leaver at once. You flirt with other guys even though it's wrong but your not happy enough and feel so alone. You've got 8 weeks left of school but that won't stop you from doing absolutely nothing at home or at school for school work. I won't be surprised if you fail. I could do it but I probably won't. I'm just too lazy and I know you'll hate me for this but if you were in the same position you'd probably commit the same crime.

You have several pen pals at the moment and an addiction to Etsy. Your going out with Jaxon but love Jamin just as much even though your fighting for both of them. You could be pregnant too, so it should be interesting to see how that works out considering your 16. Your sick of your job and your friends and your fat. Whoop-de-doo. Good luck with your future and I hope everything worked out for you, me, us.

Lots, of love,
EmaLea xxx

p.s. I'm glad you survived 2012, pat yourself on the back :)

· Written by EmaLea Davidson


wow - what a year this has been. growth central. i know at times you were scared about moving forward and letting the old and outgrown fall away. but i knew that as long as you kept believing in yourself you could get through any challenges and unexpected issues.

i know right know you are reading this feeling proud of yourself, with your new website and business well underway and thriving. you have completed new courses and made new heartfelt friendships

· Written by Megan Hallifax

Dude Man! hey way to go this past year! Its so amazing looking back now and seeing how far everything has come. You did it man! ... the Code is changing everything for so many people! You have added so much to the quality of the experience of life on so many levels and I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for taking a risk, quitting your day job putting your heart and soul into MULX for swimming under waterfalls and taking the time to capture the light again! Each morning it still hits me that I'm the only one who is me, and that I’m here only now, only at this instant are you and I the bearers of the universe's consciousness of itself..... this is MULX and as we begin to merge into the singularity remember to be mindful, breath and smile :) Hope you have a great day! I Love you man.

· Written by Timothy

Yo. ITS ME! well you really, at the start of 2012, the beginning of year 11, having trouble with physics, wanting to be the musical theatre freak, and you know, not fitting in at school very well.

I hope you get over all the troubles you had. I hope you have a fun filled year with people that you love. I hope that you'll achieve belting a high C in 2012. I hope you have a smashing semi ;). I hope you believe in yourself enough to achieve your ultimate goal. I hope you get a lead in your school musical. I hope that you finally get your real first kiss. I hope you loved your family, and took care of them. I hope you find the courage to carry on when something brings you down. I hope that everything will go well for you this year. I hope 2012 was special.

Please. Don't ever give up. Please. Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land upon the stars. Please. Make me proud.

With heaps of love from
Your 2012 self.

· Written by Aysa Flynn

When you read this is will be 2013, and not only will you be 18, you would have gone on the cruise with your family, and you would have graduated beauty school, depending on your relationship and financial status, you will now be looking for a place to move out, and you and your family will be in the 5th house because you know as of late mum doesnt want to stay where you are now.

Happy 18th Birthday! I hope that clubbing and everything you imagined it to be turned out exactly as it was meant to for you. I hope you quit your job, and are working as a beauty therapist at ella bache, because thats the place you really want to work at, in all honesty. I hope you let go of him, and you find yourself loving another, loving everyone.

Your message for 2012 is simple : those who dont believe in magic will never find it.

Keep yourself on track, with Gym, and the fitness you want, and also be happy, dont let anyone hold you back. 2013 is your year! its the year you start uni, its all about you! and i know you have been waiting for this chance your entire life so make the most of it! GET YOUR P'S! you waited long enough to get your learners, so get them when you can! January baby!!!!

Goal for 2013, Get happy, get organised, and be successful, dont wait for anyone else! just do what you have to do for you and i promise you it will always work out the way you want in the end.

Believe in the good things bridge, because it all comes around
Love you always
Bridge 2012 version <3

· Written by Bridget Byrne


Thank you so very much for taking time out of your life to read this brief note. I would like to say that as a human being , it is not easy to live amongst my pears because of the way our world is set up. I have good days for sure .,but my plea to you and who ever may read this is: Please take care of one another and please care for those who are defenseless against us! Yes, us! WE are a hardened peoples. Care for the planet in which we inhabit and respect that which cannot give you anything in return.. The animals!! I love you and thank you very much for you precious time. Veronica Caroline Smith

· Written by Veronica Smith

bokte mazo, Elena!

Jesi li diplomirala? Jesi naucila 3DsMax?
a jesi djavola
Mozda si i otislo nabrod.
Batice, jo.. nemoj promaja da te ubije.

· Written by Elena Kostic

Dear Me,

I hope you did it. I hoped you lost the weight, (well done on the first few months btw), I hope you kickstarted that relationship and I hope you ditched that dead end job and starting living again. Life is short.

Love Me xx

· Written by Samantha Ayre

Dear me,
I am going to think clearer in my head.
More responsible. I will have alleviated
Most of my depression thanks to no more
Alcohol. Happier within. Refreshed!
Over all a better person and an even better
Mother to my children. And all because
I could not have done it without the power
Of our creator. God thank you.

· Written by Wendy

We're going through a rough patch now..but when you read this we'll be smitten kittens.


· Written by Oni Oost

Hi. It's you. At the start of 2012.

You're going through a hard time. It's been a tough six months. But you can see light on the horizon and you are feeling more positive. You are going to work hard to achieve what you want and to be more aware of yourself and others around you.

When you read this in a year, you will be a much more positive person, who cannot remember a time they didn't possess such self-belief and strength.

You did well. Keep going.

· Written by Liz Laughton

Well done quitting smoking---the whole family is very proud!!!

· Written by Pat Bauder

So it’s your birthday. You’re 23 today. Or when you open this letter you’ll actually be 24! Happy Birthday!

What a crazy year you’ve had. Then again every year for the past few years has been crazy. Full of highs and lows. Yet for every challenge that is sent your way you to seem to not only face it but thrive upon it.

The year started with a bang. You had an amazing opportunity to travel the world with someone who means the world to you and love dearly. Walking hand in hand you saw some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see and have experiences that you will never forget. After having the privilege of travelling through Europe twice by yourself you thought countless times about how special it would be to see this sights with the girl of your dreams. She probably doesn’t realise how special this trip was to you.

Not content with just roaming the hills of Italy and the countryside of England to top the trip off you even managed to speak at a conference in London. This gave you the chance to meet with industry influencers in the recruitment and HR space from around the world and take your career to the next level.

After the excitement of January and February the following months were a really tough time. Family challenges reached an entirely new level. More responsibility was pushed your way. Work had usually been your release during times like this. Time to knuckle down and push to the next level. But your energy was being sapped by other avenues.

You also has the realisation that you were being limited by your current workplace and weren’t doing the best possible work. So you did what you do best, dug in and started to think about where your next opportunity could come from. Your hard work and dedication to personal development over the past few years meant you were ready to take up an exciting opportunity in a new space of digital marketing. Since taking this role in August you have thrived as you’ve had the ability to be a key decision maker and instigate change in a global organisation whilst still being able to balance all the other projects that you take on.

On a personal level you also reached a huge milestone this year. After living independently in Far North Queensland for two months in 2010 you set yourself the goal of leaving home in 2011. This was a tough decision as you felt your three younger brothers and single mother relied so heavily on your contribution (both financially and emotionally) and your support. But you knew that trying to be everything for everyone wasn’t sustainable any longer. So in July this year you moved out with one of your mates from school, you two couldn’t be anymore different but your differences make living together a laugh and quite easy.

For a long time you read a lot about young entrepreneurial types living their dreams and believed that organisations could generate profit whilst still working with a purpose beyond money and actually creating social change in the community. So I congratulate you on opening up your own consulting and speaking business whilst also volunteering as a social change entrepreneur. I know you didn’t think you’d have this opportunity to do all this great work so young but that’s no reason to feel guilty about the opportunities that have presented themselves because of your hard work and dedication. Feeling guilty will only hinder your chance to create real change in this world.

You’ve always had the ability to use your own inevitable death as a motivator for life. This was probably due to the fact that you attended far too many funerals in the first 15 years of your life and had to deal with the death of your best friend in primary school due to cancer. You read an article recently written by somebody who worked in palliative care about the top five regrets of the dying.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Over the past few months you have struggled with two of these regrets and you know exactly which ones they are.

So what are you going to do differently in 2012? I’m hoping that you took action and weren’t paralysed by change to ensure that when you open up this letter you can read it knowing that you have ticked all five of those boxes in 2012.

Good luck and don’t forget that I’m proud of you.

· Written by Damon Klotz

Dear Future Self,

How did you find 2012? I believe you managed to accomplish the following this year:
a) quality time with the wifey and the sonny and the parents
b) 'constructed' more programs
c) found more of your code in production with happy users
d) managed to submit your patches to ghc

Good Luck with your future
Hemanth of 2011

· Written by Hemanth Kapila

Hey Xav,

Just thought to tell you that you've come a long way into your postgrad career. Hopefully you've gotten your scholarship. It's not easy.

Don't forget to keep drawing. Sydney can be difficult when you don't know many people there.

Xav from a year ago

· Written by Xavier Ho

Hey Jen,

I wrote this for you 12 months ago on boxing day, and hopefully you're receiving it at the end of an amazing year filled with love, learnings and laughter.

Did you say yes to things? I hope you lived life like every day was a gift. No regrets. I hope you told everyone how you feel about them. If you didn't, do it today. I hope you matched up every moment with your highest intentions and the highest vision of yourself - which we both know is something pretty spectacular.

Did you have adventures? Did you meet new people? Were you brave every day
in some way? Did you surprise yourself with the things that you did, the places that you went and the times when you realized just how strong and capable you were. I always knew it. I hope you took advantage of every opportunity to prove it.

You don't need to be afraid of anything, because everything is exactly as it should be.

Most of all, did you remember to honor your spirit and cherish who you are?
Love always,
yourself, 12 months ago

· Written by Jen kidd

Hi Lobo!
Just wanted to check in and make sure you are loving life and killing it in 2012.
Your bro,

· Written by Mark Lobo

привет Ксюш. хочу напомнить тебе, как ты чувствовала себя ровно год назад, а именно 20.12.11, скоро кстати новый год)) я вот недавно вернулась из общаги урагса, от оли и клюва, хлестали виски с колой... впрочем как всегда. как ты живешь, да вообщем то ничего супер интересного. зачетная неделя на носу, мутишься с зачетами, пока вроде получается. думаю, ты все еще в УрГу, а куда ты оттуда денешься. сидишь тут перед своим розовым нетбуком, надеюсь у тебя сейчас айпад, ведь ты так его хотела. кстати именно сегодня ты сидела на морозе с банкой страйка и думала о своей личной жизни. и знаешь, ты пришла к выводу что нахер тебе не сдался вова (ты его помнишь) если не дождешься от него обратной связи. кстати сегодня он въехал в новую квартиру, и естественно тебя не позвал, кто знает может ты сейчас живешь с ним, а может не хочешь его знать. а еще ты очень хотела получить права, надеюсь, они у тебя есть. а да, точно ты тут на днях в гавно разосрались со своей соседкой из за того, что ты привела его к себе в общагу.... ну думаю ты вспомнишь эту историю, после стекла приехали к тебе в 7 утра в гавно пьяные, а кстати надеюсь ты похудела и теперь охуенно выглядишь, потому что сейчас ты мягко говоря жирновата (68 кг) ну я думаю хватит пока... жду с нетерпением конца зачетной недели и нового года, обязательно загадаю супер желание... что нибудь типо уссполнение заветных желаний: жить с мч, ездить на его машине, иметь работу, и успевать в учебе, а через год проверим чтоб все сбылось. береги маму, она самая лучшая и больше всего я конечно хочу, чтоб у нее все было хорошо. не болей и не скучай. я знаю все сейчас просто заебись у тебе, не предовай своих желаний, будь умницей и живи счастливо и с улыбкой, ведь ты этого достойна. с наступающим =***)))))

· Written by Котова Ксения

Я даже боюсь представить кем и где я буду через год..20 декабря 2012 года)
Одно хочу чтобы исполнилось точно. Хочу читать этот мэил в обнимку с Але. Хоть я сейчас и в Китае, я по прежнему его люблю!

· Written by Diana

Today is the only day there ever is. Maintain traction and drive for your goals.
where are you on the 40under40 road?

· Written by Kayce Davis

Dear Me,

By the time you read this, wedding plans will be in full swing. Remember that despite all the bells and whistles the day is about you and H (Big left Carrie at the altar for a reason). Seems simple enough, doesn't it? Keep it that way, dummy.

From Me.

· Written by Naomi

2011 has been productive and insightful. More importantly, however, you really opened up and took charge this year. Lots of ambitions, lots of ideas. Were they misplaced? Looking in the wrong direction? Have you made an impact on the world yet?

Have you glimpsed your purpose yet?

For the past few years you've said that the year you were living in is the year where things are really going to change and doors will open. Has this happened or is this year where (for sure this time) things are really going to change and doors will open?

You set yourself a goal to earn at least $1,000,000 by this time next year. Have you achieved that? How does it feel? Has it made you a better person? What have you learned?

One of the most important insights for 2011 was the concept of an avatar, a third force, a balancer, a creator and destroyer all in one. The cobbled path that has been laid in 2011 started leading you toward that concept.

Lots of doomsday predictions for 2012. Anything drastic happened yet? Was it all hype? PTB made a move yet? ;)

Tried breatharianism? Become vegan? At the time that I'm writing this letter you are interested in both.

Consider your state of mind and physical health... Any change? For better or worse?

Be mindful!

· Written by Nikita Logachev

Dear future Georgia,

How the fuck are you? Have you learnt a foreign language yet? Have you made plans to move to London? Did you buy that papillionaire bicycle? What about a car?? Did you cut your hair? If you didn't, you really need to.

Did you finally get roller skates and practice hard so you could join a roller derby team? DID YA? Did you finish that bottle of Absinthe with Starkles? Did you figure out how to keep hyperlinks in a word document when saving it as a PDF?

Did you ask an apple weirdo why your MacBook is heating up all the time? Do you still have your MacBook? Are you writing daily? If not, why the fuck not?

Have you changed your glasses frames yet? Do it, you'll be over D

· Written by Georgia Dixon

You're a fucking mint as legend.

· Written by Steve Harris

Dear Future me,

I don't know if you are successful yet, however, don't give up, you're still young. You have a bright future if you keep trying. You dont have to be the best, just try your best. I don't know whats happened over the past year but at this time last year you were pretty stressed with final exams and certain things in your life which werent going your way. Anyway this is just refreshing your mind of a year ago. Push yourself over and over until you achieve your goals. Remember to respect those you care about, they wont be there forever, as you can remember.
This must have been a big year for you future me so goodluck with the rest of it, it may be hard but it will get easier.

Past Self

· Written by Daniel Anderson

Hello future me

Despie the fact that this creeps you out a fair bit. There is one thing I want you to know, Miss. One thing you need to grab onto and need to take to your core. Live life, stop gripping about the person you envy , the person you think has it worked out the person who did a double degree too, who walks in the same cricles you do who almost feels like the person you could be if you pushed just that bit, if you were perfect. Stop looking at her and live.

Be the person whose fully human , brings great glory to God and forget the things that weigh you down. Really thats all you need to take from this year. Because there were so many times you gave up, you couldn't do it, you walked home at 3 am from the computer labs, you didnt care, you didnt have any more money , you went to the foodbank so many times you thought a plane ride home was the answer and somehow or by grace youre here. Youre done, the year from hell is over so rejoice cause your joy has come , your joy has come in the morning!

· Written by Wadzi Chikwira

Dear Future Self,

You're what I'm going to be some day, and I hope you've turned out okay.

Already I can tell 2012 is going to be a tough year. You've taken on a lot already - a second degree, extra work, a couple of projects on the side - it's probably too much if you ask me. I can guarantee by this time in 2012 you're going to be completely overwhelmed and disheartened, and probably very close to packing it in and forgetting how much you love what you do in favour of an easier, less stressful option. You're quite probably considering moving to Peru to live on a mountain top in a little hut and with a herd of llamas (while wearing a fabulous poncho) and completely abandoning your dreams.

If you are considering this (or even if you aren’t) I want you to do something for me. Go and sit on your bed for a minute, and close your eyes. Imagine a by-line followed by the words ‘Foreign Correspondent.’ Imagine writing a story about a rebel uprising in West Africa. Imagine having a conversation with a little old man in South America. Imagine taking photos from the front line of a war in Central Asia. Imagine making a documentary about social injustice in South East Asia. Imagine the incredible things you’ll learn. Imagine the smiles of the people you meet. Imagine the feeling when you know you have taken an incredible, world shattering photo that will mean so much to someone, or help someone learn, or maybe even make a bit of a difference in someone's life.

Focus on this. This is where you will end up if you stick at it. And my God, will it be worth it. It’s been a long year, but don't let the hard yards get you down. You are an incredibly smart, courageous young woman. You have the strength to get through anything. You are so passionate, and you can do - and will do - whatever you need to be the best in your field. You are incredibly talented, and you better not let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't get stuck in a rut - hang in there, the marathon of next year will definitely be worth it in the end.

And while this year may have been long and rough, I can guarantee there have been some amazing experiences. You secretly love both your degrees even if you complain about them too often. You have a strong portfolio and have worked on some incredibly projects. You're a published journalist, both photographic and written. You've met some inspiring and talented storytellers, and have paid attention to the lessons they've taught you. You've kept your morality and ethics in a harsh industry. You started saying no more. You took holidays when you needed them - that road trip to Sydney was pretty incredible. You stopped worrying so much about everyone else, and started looking after yourself better. You started carving out time for yourself – it may have only been an hour here and there, but these small moments of time combined to make a big difference in your life.

And, hopefully you're on your way to that photojournalism internship in Argentina you discovered last week - if not, get your shit together and go and do it, because that is an experience you will never, ever forget. And after you've spent two months in Argentina, go hike the Inca Trails and canoe down the Amazon and dance at Carnival in Rio and all the other things you've always wanted to do in South America. And you wear that fabulous poncho while you do it, and never take that camera out of your hands.

(All these things are only dreams and goals for now, but I have faith, Future Self, that you have made them come alive. May the dreams of a young and excited woman grow into your reality.)

Overall, next year will be a rewarding year. A year that you will look back on in triumph, proud of everything you have achieved - not just materialistically, but within yourself. A year that, rather than let it run you, you grabbed hold of and took what you wanted from it in order to get where you are now. A year that allowed you to retain your sense of self and let you fulfill your dream of being who you really are.

So, Future Self, let me give you some very simple advice:

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle to yourself. Look after yourself. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

I am confident no matter where you are right now, you’re in the right place, at the right time, doing exactly the right thing. But if you think you're not, get off your arse right now and go and fix it. Focus on living.

And always remember: don't look for the lights, look through the camera.


Past Self.

· Written by Kimberley McCosker

Hey future me,

Did you get through it? Did you get past it? You wasted a year, but you realised that you couldn't keep letting it stop you from being who you are. Did you heal in the UK? Did you live in Japan? Did you return to NZ with a new determination and build your new life?

I hope that the way you felt in November 2011, and all of 2011, is something that you can't even imagine feeling now. I hope that you are stronger for it, wiser for it, and never need to go through it again.

All the best,
Past me

· Written by Samantha Vickery

Dear Me,

You're now sitting in room 642.2 eating popcorn with Russian Spy and typing this out. In 12 month's time, you're already out of 642.2 and is probably busy packing up going back to somewhere called 'home sweet home'. How will you face the the transition of going back 'home' and the way people see you after 2 years abroad?

If Russian Spy is still with you. Good for both of you and give yourself and him a pat on the back for all the things you've been through. If things are otherwise, give yourself a pat too and probably send him an email to say a simple hi.

Cherish what have been and what will soon come. Life is all about enjoying it.

Lotsa love
Blueberry jciscake russian spy
12th november 2011

· Written by Hvey Jci Cheong

so another year has past...but it's been a big one. The last of the kids is now officially an adult, the eldest turning 30! For the last 30 years and 6 kids your life has been defined by your role as a mum....it's been great, but there are other paths beckoning now as well. You have just finished your 2nd year of university (I hope you have kept up your great GPA!) and you probably have a better idea of where you want it to take you. Now is the time to start finding your new path...you are 50 soon but it's never too late to change or develop. Take a deep breath and dive in...swim away from the shore and see what's on the horizon.

· Written by Kathryn Leckenby